Today I came across the story of the unsung heroes of New York City, the Sandhogs. Without the Sandhogs NYC would not be the city it is today. Why Am I writing about Sandhogs? (I will get to that)

The story of the Sandhogs is that they are a group of construction workers (many Irish) who work underground on a variety of excavation projects, which supports the hustle and bustle of the daily commute for New Yorkers. Without this in place New York would not have the skyline it has today.

These guys risk their lives on a daily basis. One incredible story is of a miner named Marshall Mabey who was working in a compressed air tunnel when a hole burst in the wall; he was sucked through and shot out over the East River on a four storey high geyser. The following day, he returned to work. The story inspired Column McCann’s 1998 novel The Other Side of Brightness.

SEO most definitely has no similarity to the Sandhogs, but if we think of the Sandhogs being the technical aspect to SEO then it will show us the importance of having a strong structural base on a website to support the growth of your brand whether it is a start up or an established business.

Technical SEO tends to be considered a small portion of focus on SEO retainers however I feel this is a critical portion to get right or all other hours spent will not have as much bang for your buck and have minimal impact in returning your investment.

Today we will launch a new package called the “Sandhog”. With this package you will get the following:

• Full Technical Audit

• List of response code errors

• Unoptimal Meta Data & Headers

• Broken Internal and External Links

• Hreflang Audit (if required)

• Schema Review

• Site Speed Audit

• Crawlability and Indexation

• All packages will come with a fully presented document outlining findings, recommendations and opportunities.

Package Prices

Small Website (20-100 URL’s) – €500

Medium Website (101-10,000 URL’s ) – €900

Large Website (10,001 + URL’s) – €1,400

If you need us to review the size of your website please don’t hesitate to email us at or alternatively fill in our contact form on the website which you will find just above the footer on our homepage.

Hats off to the Sandhogs

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