SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing technique of preparing a website to achieve long sustainable Organic results.

With the continuous evolution of Google’s algorithm and +200 ranking factors, it is critical more than ever to keep your site relevant and on topic.

Historically SEO had a heavy focus on technical items which gave it the misunderstanding of SEO specialists being coders or web developers. This couldn’t be further from the truth of SEO in 2019.

SEO specialists are now fully rounded marketers with key influence in:

Website Development – Wireframes, CMS, Functionality, Site & Page Structure, Mobile & Site Speed

Content – Keywords, Search Volume, Word Count, Semantic Search Terms, Query Intent, Content Type,

Links / PR – Content Amplification, Acquiring New & Relevant Links, Directory Submission (Where Applicable), Disavowing Poor Links, Link Removal, Local Backlinks

Data – User Engagement, Attribution

Local – Google My Business, Local Listings

ATL & BTL – Understanding how other channels play a role in the Organic landscape

SEM & SEO – Understanding how SEM activity and different ad placements play a role in the overall market share

The above items are a few examples on where SEO should be considered to assist.

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